How to Choose the Right Wedding Gift For Your Guests

wedding gift

The tradition of giving gifts to wedding guests goes back centuries. By presenting a gift, the couple felt they were also bestowing their good luck upon their guests. In most cases, these lucky gifts consisted of five almonds or pieces of candy which represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity.
From match-books imprinted with the couple’s name to elegant crystal toasting glasses, every bride and groom sends their guests home with a memento of the joyous occasion. Some couples display gifts at each place setting, thereby adding to the table decorations. Others will have a gift table where the small gifts are displayed and a decorative card attached containing each guest’s name and table assignment.

Here are some wedding gift suggestions that your guests will be sure to enjoy:

Summer wedding



  • Flip-flops make the perfect gift at a summer or destination wedding because they will come in good use during the wedding and after. Ladies can kick off their painful heels and men their tight shoes to dance the night away.
  • If you’re having a destination wedding, consider regional souvenirs as a memory of your day and the location.
  • When the sun goes down, the ladies will appreciate a simple shawl that they can easily reuse on other occasions.
  • Tote bags are extremely useful and durable. Even better if the design is personalised in a style that fits the couple’s personalities.


plant pot

  • Offer your guests gifts that have been used to decorate your wedding venue as a memento of your big day. Cute succulent gifts stuffed in a teeny container are easy to care for and have significance at weddings because of their long life span.
  • Consider herb starter kits so your guests will have a never-ending supply for their kitchen.
  • Gift packets of seeds to your guests. These are and affordable and eco-friendly gesture and can be used in window boxes for those who do not have a garden.


mini bottles

  • Mini bottles of liquor such as wine, champagne, whisky, or tequila in personalised bottles are a welcome gift.
  • Packets of tea or coffee of your favourite blend or even create your own specifically for this special occasion.
  • Create personalised coasters, easy and affordable to make. You can also buy them custom-made on Etsy if you haven’t time to make them yourself.


  • Share your favorite recipe that everyone always asks you about or is one of the dishes on your reception menu. Add one of the ingredients to the recipe card as encouragement to your guests to get in the kitchen. Perhaps create a collection of your favourite recipes to share, or recipes from the dishes at your wedding.
  • Let your guests fill personalised bags with your names and the date of your wedding with candy from a candy bar.
  • Jars of honey, home-made jam, or your favourite pickles are the perfect thank-you presents for wedding guests. Home-made cookies and brownies are all well liked gifts
  • Get creative with chocolate. Pick interesting shapes and designs for example gold leaf-adorned cookies or cream chocolate pyramids.